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Divorce or Legal Separation; That is the Question

Getting a divorce is a very large decision. If there are kids or property involved, a divorce can really change the landscape of many lives. Therefore, legal separation might be the first step in determining if your differences are truly irreconcilable.


Division of Assets & Property

Idaho is a community property state so if you are considering divorce, it is imperative you work with an attorney that knows the ins and outs of Idaho law. While, generally, all assets acquired during the marriage are divided equally during a divorce, there are some exceptions.

Divorce proceedings wills review all major assets including, but not limited to, real estate, sole proprietorships, legal liability corporations, retirement funds, stock options and more.  Meanwhile, a few assets are exempt from equal division:


Dissecting Alimony, Spousal Support & More

When it comes to divorce terminology, certain phrases are thrown around and can be confusing to someone new to the process. Plus, terms are often used incorrectly in the media and press giving non-attorneys a different perspective of legal terms. Today we will differentiate some of the rulings that could occur in divorce proceedings.


Navigating a Divorce with a Family Lawyer

A divorce is one of the most emotional decisions you will ever have to make in your life, especially when there are children involved. While the decision to divorce can be a tough one, the tough decisions are far from over at that point. Richard Roberts can help you understand your options and put together a plan of action for even the most complex situations.



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3 Ways to Minimize Estate Planning Fees

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