Dissecting Alimony, Spousal Support & More

When it comes to divorce terminology, certain phrases are thrown around and can be confusing to someone new to the process. Plus, terms are often used incorrectly in the media and press giving non-attorneys a different perspective of legal terms. Today we will differentiate some of the rulings that could occur in divorce proceedings.

Alimony/Spousal Support – Alimony and spousal support are technically one in the same. This refers to the payment give to a spouse as compensation to the spouse’s contribution to the home or children. For example, a spouse that stays home with children may receive spousal support in a divorce ruling. This is meant to help compensate the spouse that may not have received a specific salary but instead enabled the other spouse to work outside of the home more easily.

Child Support – Child support are court-ordered payments that are typically made by the noncustodial parent to support a minor child or children. Child support is intended to ensure the custodial parent can continue to provide for the child or children with a single income.

Custody – In a nutshell, custody refers to having rights to your child. More often than not, custody centers around physical custody. However, there are also legal rights to consider. Prior to child support being decided, custody needs to be determined. Without at least a preliminary custody ruling, it would be very difficult to determine which spouse needs to pay for child support and what level of support is required.

These are just a few examples of some of the decisions that will be handled in your divorce. If you are contemplating divorce, give us a call today for an initial consultation. We will go over the facets of the divorce process that may pertain to your situation and talk about a potential path forward.

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