Divorce or Legal Separation; That is the Question

Getting a divorce is a very large decision. If there are kids or property involved, a divorce can really change the landscape of many lives. Therefore, legal separation might be the first step in determining if your differences are truly irreconcilable.

Legal separation keeps the marriage intact, but is a form of legal court order that stipulates spouses will be living apart from one another. Much like a divorce, separation support, child custody, child support and more may have to be determined. Plus, if there is real estate owned, it will have to be decided which spouse may be using the home, if either.

Legal separations are useful when a couple may have encountered unexpected circumstances that are applying an irregular amount of stress on the relationship. These circumstances may include financial hardship, personal issues, infidelity, medical issues, or other unforeseen events.

It is possible for a legal separation to be just as complex as a divorce. Therefore, there are some non-legal options available as well. A trial separation, for example, has no real legal effect. Instead, it gives a couple the chance to live alone and decide how they want to proceed. However, without any legal standing, there is no official declaration of spousal/child support or custody.

If you want to further discuss your options between separation and divorce, give Roberts Law PLLC a call. As a highly rated Ketchum divorce lawyer, we can help ensure you understand all your options and next steps through such a tumultuous time in your life.

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