Power of Attorney: An important facet to estate planning

When doing estate planning, power of attorney is a term you will hear a lot. All estate planning lawyers do their best to ensure all legal documents are as clear as possible. However, written words can always be taken in different ways depending on who they are interpreted. A power of attorney assigns someone to help interpret your wishes in the event you pass or are unable to vouch for yourself.

Power of attorney is especially important when it comes to medical matters. There are so many unforeseen circumstances that could arise in one’s life that could never be fully covered in a written form. Therefore, if you are incapacitated a power of attorney can help direct your medical needs and handle your affairs until you are in a state to do so for yourself.

When dealing with your own estate, it is important to consult a estate planning lawyer that can explain your options and ensure you are making informed decisions. Richard Roberts can provide a comprehensive break down of all your legal needs and verify your estate is thoroughly explain in the event of an accident or untimely passing.

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