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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

At Roberts Law, litigation is viewed as a last resort because it is costly, stressful, and time-consuming for clients. We therefore focus on pre-trial strategies that are most likely to resolve matters in our clients’ favor before litigation, or that will reduce the issues that will eventually go to trial.

However, we start with the assumption that every case will go to trial and, when other avenues have been exhausted, the firm is prepared to bring its legal expertise to the task, whether it be arbitration, mediation, trial, or an appeal.

We run our cases efficiently and do not waste our clients’ time and money on unnecessary discovery and motion practice. Our goal is to win and we demonstrate that by our willingness to share the risk with our clients by entering into contingency fee arrangements.


Roberts Law provides skilled and experienced representation in virtually any civil dispute.  This includes contract disputes, property litigation, torts actions and more.


Roberts Law represents plaintiffs and defendants in federal and state courts in business disputes of all kinds, including breach of contract, wrongful termination, and commercial fraud. We are also prepared to resolve disputes without a trial through alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration.


Roberts Law helps its clients frame winning appeals by focusing on the particular rules and standards of review of the appellate courts. The firm carefully reviews the trial record and the applicable law, and evaluates and selects the issues for appeal that are most likely to be successful for our clients. We concentrate on writing concise, compelling briefs to persuade judges that the positions our clients advance are right both as a matter of law and policy. At oral argument, we skillfully advocate on our clients’ behalf and provide strategic responses to the questions that judges raise.

Contact Us if you are contemplating a lawsuit or have been sued. In litigation, time is often of the essence in bringing a claim or defending your interests.